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Posted Wednesday; October 29, 2014

SICKOS!!! I apologize first off for the lack of updated on the site. Seems more traffic is flowing on our Facebook account then here so to those who refuse social networking, sorry and keep living the fight.

Saturday November the 8th we will be doing our 10 year anniversary show to our first album "Years of Torment". We have a sick lineup supporting us and expect to hear many classics and a taste of a new track from us. Check the shows section for more details.

Outside of this show we are loudly working away on our next full length album and will be tracking this starting in the winter of 2015. Expect to hear more of an old school Disgust sound while taking the pace and songwriting to a whole new level.

Until then, as always stay brutal!!!
-- Brian/Disgust
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Bleed the Gemini split with Inveigh CD
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