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Formed in Cambridge, Ontario DISGUST came together in October of 2000.

Prior to becoming what is now known as 'Disgust,' the band was known as 'Uncensored' featuring (Brian Figueiredo - Vocals, Guitar/ Sean Giacomini - Guitar /Abe Scheidel - Bass, Vocals and Chris Giacomini - Drums) and had consisted of drop-tuned metal with inspiration from Led Zeppelin to Slayer to Deftones and Pantera.

After searching for a sound that could match the drive of teenagers heading into adulthood with the influence of heavy metal, the band had called it a Hiatus.
In the early year of 2002 Brian Figueiredo and Abe Scheidel had written a variety of new material which had consisted of influence from band's like Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Dying Fetus, Cephalic Carnage and tons of other great underground bands of Death, Black, Thrash, Hardcore or Grind metal scenes. Patching things up with a serious band meeting between the four members the band had returned as DISGUST.

In the summer of 2002, the band had performed and picked up a couple of shows but concentrated on maintaining a flow of new and heavier material and consistent jamming. Disgust officially launched in the summer of 2003 and pushed shows in their hometown of Cambridge as well as Toronto, Guelph, Kitchener and area supporting a demo titled �Hear the Bones Crack�.
In 2004 Disgust independently recorded their first full-length album titled �Years of Torment�. The album had featured early material and had demonstrated the potential this band had ahead of them.
Following this record, Disgust played as many shows as possible in their home and neighboring provinces of Ontario and Quebec. It was then in Montreal where Disgust collaborated with soon to be label mates �Inveigh�. The two bands had clicked right away. With Disgust and Inveigh both on the urge to put out new material, but lacked enough for a full-length.
Disgust then signed to Big Metal Records (based in Montreal) to do a split with Inveigh that was titled �Bleed the Gemini�. Following the release of the split, the two bands jammed in their vans and toured across Canada the four following weeks. With the tour being a minuscule success, it was a wake up call on how life on the road would take a toll on you.

This had set the path for Disgust to strive forth and only await new sacrifices to come. Unfortunately the band Inveigh had split after the tour, and Disgust had a new disc with a band that no longer existed. (Note: Remaining members of Inveigh that still perform now strive through the band Endast!!!)

In 2006 the band was then again in a situation of new material, but not enough for a full-length. Towards the end of the year Disgust but one more disc with Big Metal Records collaborating their original �Hear the Bones Crack� demo in 2003, their material from the split, and 3 of their heaviest tracks that were released at the time.
Once again Disgust hit the road and had a much more successful tour across Canada, as a fan base had built from the previous year.
The CD was limited to 1000 copies, and was gone within the year. At the end of 2007 Disgust then recorded 5 songs to be sent to labels for their next full length. Production was done independently and new material for the album was ready to go. Problems then started to rise internally in the band with focuses starting to change. It was in Spring of 2008 where Disgust and Abe Scheidel had parted ways, and previous material was then scrapped. It seemed like tough roads ahead, but nothing tougher than being 19 and spending four weeks in a smelly van playing to 20 people a night.

Since then, Disgust has toured across their home country of Canada an additional 2 times and were the only Canadian band to have played at the 1st annual California Death Metal Festival. During this short time Disgust was honored to have shared the stage with acts such as Suffocation, Cryptopsy, Dying Fetus, Decapitated, Misery Index, Hypocrisy, Lividity, Retch, Macabre and other sick bands that had already had an influence on their career.
In the spring of 2009 Disgust had finally re-written and collaborated enough material to put out another full-length album. A pre-production demo was then recorded independently by the band to be sent to labels in search for a new home support the band. As it stands Disgust has finished their latest album "Infinite Obliteration" and is set for an early fall release of 2011. After that, expect Disgust anywhere and everywhere to molest a town near you!!!
--About Us written by Brian

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DIsgust - Infinite Obliteration
DIsgust - Infinite Obliteration
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Disgust - Years of Torment CD
Disgust - Years of Torment CD
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Slicing and Bleeding Until the Bones Crack
Slicing and Bleeding Until the Bones Crack
from Redrum

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